Medicare Annual Wellness Visit
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As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) the goals of the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is to minimize health related adversities by doing a health risk assesment, consultation with a Doctor and getting a  "Personalized Prevention Plan".
Medicare highly encourages its beneficiaries to complete an AWV as part of a preventative program. It is different than the annual physical exam.  There is zero co-pay under Medicare Plan B and everyone 65 and older should be getting this done.
AWVCARE is dedicated to provide superior wellness program solutions to healthcare providers and hospital organizations throughout the United States. 
The AWVCARE Annual Wellness Visit is a catalyst for a physician to grow their business with substantial revenue without having to change their current day-to-day operations.

Fundamental ease of use program

Customized Marketing Material

HIPAA Compliant - Secure Data

The software application and program for the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is designed specifically for the ease of the Medicare Patient, Health Care Professional and to accurately complete the health risk assessment. The AWV can be done quickly and accurately on a tablet during your patients other scheduled office visit while waiting in the office for that appointment. 
AWVCARE marketing material helps the physician promote the AWV program, from special designed mailing postcards to custom office brochures to share with patients while in their office. With the patient wellness and prevention as our top priority the patient report highlights potential risk factors, as well as potential changes in both cognitive and physical functions.
The AWVCARE Wellness system is HIPAA compliant and is on a dedicated secure and trusted platform. Nothing is required from your practice; no worries about security and compliance issues. No protected health information (PHI) is ever sold, distributed or marketed at any time and AWVCARE implements the highest levels of security to protect your patient’s data. 

Walid Abubaker MD

With the AWVCARE system patients are able to complete the annual wellness visit in half the time as normal with a simple step by step system they can complete on a tablet and have a better understanding how this can help them for years to come. It allows the Physician to have a concise overview of what the Patient needs and will need in the future with a 5 year plan of action needed to help keep them healthy.